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The Environment

Links for all things GREEN!

General Links

This is the general links section

Irish Government and EU Websites - The Government hompage - The Department of Energy site - Dept. Of The Environment - The European Commision Web Site

Various Irish Enviomental Agencies - An Taisce,The National Trust for Ireland - Environmental Protection Agency Ireland - ENFO, The Environmental Information Service

Irish Enviomental Organisations - Irish Green Party - The Cork Environmental Forum

Internation Organisations - The World Wildlife Fund - The Earth Institute - Greenpeace - Earthwatch - Friends of the Earth Ireland

Other Scientific and Enviromental Sites - New Scientific

Information sites. Dept. Of The Environment - Irish Environmental Information[/url] -[/url] Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland[/url] -[/url] -[/url] 10 steps to help the environment Lists recycling centres nationally Recycling directory of Ireland a positive, sustainable waste campaign organised by VOICE (Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment)

Local Authorities - List of Local Authority websites, enabling you to
find information about recycling in your area. Information site for the South-East Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) Information pertaining to the UK Information on composting and Vermicomposting
(composting with worms).

Companies Involved in Recycling Electronic Recycling provide a total environmental
management service for the disposal of obsolete
computer, telecommunications and other electronic
office equipment. Wastechange enables European trade and industry to
locate cost effective recycling, waste management
and waste exchange solutions for all categories of
commercial waste and by-products previously
destined for landfill. For paper/plastic recycling in Connaught.

Ireland has a Waste Management Plan. This includes the Waste Management Act (1996) and the Change Our Ways Policy document in 1998 (Format - Abode PDF Size: 726KB).

Energy Information

Government Related Sites - The Department of Energy site - The Danish Energy Agency - Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) - The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) - EU site on renewable energy sources - Cork City Energy Agency - City of Dublin Energy Management Agency - East Connacht Energy Agency Site

Energy Suppliers - Electrical Supply Board - The National Electrical Energy Supplier - Bord Gáis Éireann - Irish Gas Board - Bord na Móna - The Irish Peat Board

General Energy Sites - The Centre for Alternative Technology - CADDET Renewable Energy website - a unique source of global information on proven, commercial applications covering the full range of renewable energy technologies - Centre for Sustainable Energy UK (CSE) - EARTHED is a new magazine providing information and education on renewable energy

Energy Efficiency - World Energy Efficiency Association - An Energy saving website - The Energy Saving Trust

Wind power - The Irish Wind Energy Association - Various links on Wind Energy from the IWEA - Kilronan Wind Farm - European Wind Energy Association - The Danish Wind Industry Association - Promoting wind energy in and around the UK - DEWI German Wind Energy Institute - Windpower Monthly - a wind energy news magazine

Solar Power - The British Photovoltaic Association (Solar power) - The Solar Trade Association Ltd

Nuclear Power - NIRS/WISE is the information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues.

Other Sites - The Online Fuel Cell Information Center

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